Hey! I'm a college freshman studying psychology and law.
Interests: forensic psychology, the 80s, alternative music, and dark humor. I'm INTP-if you are too then then hit me up because I'm forming a cult/I wanna be friends.
Fandoms: Harry Potter, X-Files, Luther, My So-Called Life, Orphan Black, The Fall, Pushing Daisies, and much more.

I'm off hiatus for now but we'll see how well I can juggle work + college + clubs + my stalker + this blog.

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On this day 20 years ago, Dana Scully made an appearance on a little show called the X-Files and a feminist heroine was born. Chris Carter (troll though he may be) cleverly decided to subvert gender roles so that Scully was the rational, level-headed one who poked holes in theories while her male counterpart instantly believed in every UFO sighting, mythical monster, and conspiracy that came his way. Scully was complex, brilliant, and far more passionate about her work than finding “the one.” She was strong yet vulnerable, skeptical yet religious, unconventionally beautiful yet never eye candy. Scully’s job as a forensic pathologist was hardly glamorous, which makes it even more impressive that she made so many girls aspire to be scientists. Dana Scully gave the middle finger to gender conventions, saving Mulder when he was in trouble, pursuing a traditionally male career, and kicking ass without sacrificing her femininity. In many ways this show is outdated, but Scully remains the single most empowering and badass female character in the history of television. Thank you so much for inspiring us, Scully!

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    All of these things. Reading this over my lunch break and weirdly happy I spent all morning in a lab in safety glass,...
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    Scully > everyone to ever exist, real or fictional
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